Everyday Hygiene Rules


Few people know for sure how often it is necessary to wash and clean the things they use regularly. Meanwhile, compliance with these rules of hygiene is very important for the prevention of many diseases and general health promotion.


1. Mobile phone

Studies show that we touch our phone an average of 150 times per day. American scientists have found 7,000 types of bacteria on it; most of them are harmless, but some can be dangerous. Therefore, mobile phones must be cleaned as often as possible – at least once a day with special antibacterial wipes.

2. Linen

Every day we get rid of millions of dead skin cells, and most go straight to bed. Linen also attracts dust mites. Although these mites are harmless, they produce secretions that can cause eye itching, rhinitis, and asthma. Therefore, according to the rules of hygiene, bed linen should be washed every week.

3. Pillows

The inside of pillows is like a sponge that collects sweat and becomes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mites. Physicians advise to wash pillows every three months, especially since many synthetic versions of them are perfect for washing machines. Washing at 60 degrees kills most of the bacteria.

4. Mattresses

All kinds of dust mites on mattresses cause allergies and asthma, while mold and mildew can cause serious allergic reactions. Therefore one should wash mattresses at least once every six months.

5. Bra

Modern hygiene suggests changing bras after two days. They should be washed by hand, since machine washing rids them of their elasticity, and they become tighter.

6. Dogs

Dog handlers and veterinarians have not come to a consensus about how often you must wash dogs. Someone thinks that it should be done every week, while others argue that this should not be done at all because dogs have natural protective oils that can be accidentally washed off. Dogs have a very strong immune system, and they do not need washing, but ticks, fleas and various micro-organisms, which can be dangerous for people, cling to them in the street. Therefore, dogs still need a bath; animals should be washed once in two months using special shampoos for pets. More frequent washing is harmful, especially in winter when the dog should have natural oils to protect it from the cold. Of course, you can wash your dog without shampoo every day if you need to wash away dirt.