Electronic Cigarettes Unhealthier Than Common Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are often referred to as a harmless alternative of smoking. However, this issue has been doubted by the scientists.

Electronic Cigarettes

The researchers from the University of California have urged to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes. They have evaluated five brands and discovered plenty of disadvantages. The most harmless of them were design faults and lack of corresponding marking.

Unlike usual cigarettes, electronic cigarettes produce nicotine with vapor, and not with fume. Thus, apart from nicotine, toxic substances too enter the smoker’s organism. They emerge in the process of heating a special holder which is at the base construction of e-cigarettes.

Moreover, according to the researchers, electronic cigarettes can lead to a stronger nicotine addiction because the producers tend to make them “tastier” due to various fragrant additives. The consumers are surely not informed about the consequences.

Earlier, the scientific group of the World Health Organization which regulates tobacco products reached the conclusion that there could not be any proofs showing that smoking electronic cigarettes is harmless to people’s health. Having tested electronic cigarettes last year, U.S. Food and Drug Administration found a discrepancy between the declared level of nicotine in e-cigarettes and the real one.

Source of the image: Keepsmokinginside.