Chinese Soup Yak-a-mein to Cure Hangover


The most effective remedy for hangover is Chinese soup yak-a-mein. Anyway, that is what Professor Alison Mitchell of the University of California says.

Woman, headache

Depending on the region, the soup recipes are slightly different, but yak-a-mein (“Old Sober”) is generally made of salt beef, soy sauce broth, noodles, boiled eggs and chopped green onions.

Mitchell claims that yak-a-mein contains the perfect combination of salts, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals needed by the body in the morning after a loud night party. This soup is one of the most popular dishes in New Orleans. According to a legend, the recipe was brought to the city by the soldiers, who appreciated the healing properties of the yak-a-mein soup during the Korean War.

Hangover occurs when the body receives more alcohol than it is able to process. Mitchell called it “a metabolic storm”, accompanied by dehydration, toxic effects of processing ethanol to acetaldehyde, and exposure to other substances present in colored alcoholic beverages.

Naming the main means of curing hangover, Mitchell mentioned eggs, which help remove acetaldehyde from the body, and vitamin B1, which helps prevent the accumulation of glutarate, a substance that causes hangover headache. Asparagus is also a helpful remedy in case of hangover.