Chances to Develop a Heart Disease Depend on Blood Group


The American Heart Association has published a study stating that the people with A, B and AB blood groups are inherently more prone to cardiovascular diseases.


According to scientists, people with the AB blood group are more susceptible to diseases of the heart – the risk of their development increases immediately by 23%. People with the A and the AB blood groups face the risk that is respectively 11% and 5% higher.

This conclusion is based on the analysis of the data that have been collected for 20 years and have incorporated the information about 90 thousand people. The luckiest people have the O blood type – with the same conditions that each organism is given at birth, they risk to develop any heart disease less than the people with any other blood group.

But what should the rest of us do? Blood group cannot be changed! The researchers agree to this statement, however, in their opinion, if you are warned, you are protected. And since the people with A, B, and AB blood groups are warned, they need to monitor the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus they will reduce the risk and will surely stick to a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that the people with the first blood type never suffer from cardiovascular diseases and should not keep to a diet or have a healthy lifestyle. But their chances to have a healthy heart are higher.