Breast Health, Breast Augmentation, Breast Size


Women‘s breast means a lot! Here you can talk about the beauty of breast and sexuality, about the size, about plastic surgery, about bras and, unfortunately, about diseases. But first things first.

Too Big or Too Small Breasts: What Do Men Prefer?

Breast beauty is not in its size. That is the conclusion made by the sociologists from the Gossards company. And who said that all men should worship only big bust? According to the online survey, more than 50% of male respondents voted for the second breast size and only 14% for large breast. The answers of the rest of the respondents were distributed in different ways: for some people, size did not matter, while others even said they liked small breast. But many women do not believe in the research and continue to visit plastic surgeons, trying to change their first size for the second one, then the second size is turned into the third size, gradually reaching the fourth one. At the same time, they try to stay with each new size for at least six months or a year. Or even replace their second size with the fourth one as fast and cheap as possible. Most often it is done for the sake of men.

Breast Surgery

Unfortunately, nature does not fulfill all of our requests, but the development of modern medicine makes a new step into the future on a daily basis. Any woman can change the shape and size of her breast, if she wants to, including a surgery to correct it after childbirth and nursing.

What Is Mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery on breast, which can change the shape and size of the breast (by having breast augmentation or breast reduction). Mammoplasty is done in case of a small chest at birth, when the chest is lowered, when there is a sharp increase in breast size, for the correction of the areola (nipple), and in other cases.

Getting Ready for Breast Surgery

An experienced doctor will always conduct a preliminary examination and tell the patient to go through a number of surveys and analyses. One or two weeks before the surgery, a woman has to follow some pieces of advice: not to use hormonal contraceptives, to give up cigarettes etc. The duration of the surgery varies from 1.5 to 4 hours.

Contraindications to Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction

It should be noted that there are contraindications to having a mammoplasty: infectious diseases and cancer, poor blood clotting, incompleted lactation, severe diseases of internal organs, diabetes, mental illnesses, or the too young age of the patient (being under 18 years old). There is also a risk of complications after the surgery: subcutaneous bruises, scars, and inflammatory processes.

Breast Implant

How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost?

The prices for implants are very high. The cost may depend on the price of the implants themselves and the complexity of the surgery. For example, the surgery of breast augmentation can be 7,000 dollars or even more without the cost of implants. Removal of the implants costs 4,000 dollars. Correction of the areola ranges from 1,500 to 3,500 dollars. But the prices vary considerably in different countries.

How to Maintain Breast Health?

It is so desirable that people should never fall ill, but the fate has its own orders on this planet. Women’s health, as well as that of men, is threatened by various diseases. As for female breast, there is always the risk of developing benign or malignant tumors. Medicine can overcome these neoplasms at the initial stage, but if the disease is diagnosed too late, there is a serious threat to life.

Breast, as well as any other part of the body, requires special care. Breast is highly sensitive and has no muscles, which would support it. Natural support is provided due to the skin elasticity. It is important to take care of breast every day: a shower, creams, herbal tinctures, baths with aromatic oils. And do not forget about the obligatory self-examination and visiting a mammologist (or a gynecologist), especially after the age of 25.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer?

To prevent cancer at an early stage, doctors recommend to conduct self-examination of the breast every month after menstruation. It could help to be sure there are no thickenings in the mammary glands. If the thickenings are found, they require immediate medical care. In any case, this diagnosis is too dangerous to be self-medicated.

What Is Breast Inflammation?

During lactation, one can often observe an inflammatory disease which is called mastitis. It also occurs during pregnancy and even regardless of being pregnant or giving birth. Other pathologies include hyperplastic and dysplastic processes, which are often the background for developing cancer. If a woman is not pregnant and is not in the process of lactation, but the mammary glands are lactating or producing some fluid that resembles milk, it is likely to be galactorrhea.

What Causes Breast Conditions?

What are the reasons for the diseases of mammary glands? It is difficult to say for sure, though it often happens that the emergence of a disease is triggered by a number of interconnected factors. A mammologist always pays attention to all possible conditions and causes that could become the primary source of a disease. These are social conditions and sexual life, the state of the reproductive system, gynecological and endocrinological diseases, internal diseases, genetic predisposition, personality traits, and psychological factors.

When Should You Go to a Breast Physician?

So what changes in the breast require an urgent visit to a doctor?

  • secretion from the nipples,
  • nipple retraction,
  • changes in breast shape,
  • stretching or wrinkling of the skin of the breast or the nipples,
  • considerable reddening of the breast,
  • thickenings or breast nodules.

8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Bra

Each woman pays great attention to the selection of lingerie. For some, simplicity and convenience are important, while for others it is the quality of fabric, the style, and following the fashion that really matter. But anyway, we spend large sums of money to be satisfied with our new purchase.

Boobs Size

Bras have their own classification: classical bras, Angelica and Corbeille bras, balconette, brassiere, wonderbra, bra or push-up, bustier… But physicians argue whether women need bras. Some of them find a lot of pluses, while others believe that such kind of underwear harms women’s health. It is therefore important to choose the right bra for yourself so that the breast could not only keep its shape, but could remain healthy as well. Here are some tips:

  1. Do not buy cheap synthetic underwear;
  2. Choose the size correctly, so that the straps, the fasteners and the “bones” would not cause any discomfort on the skin;
  3. If your breast is of size C or D, buy a brassiere with straps wider than 12 mm;
  4. The fabric in the breast zone should be hygroscopic, i.e. absorb moisture from the body and change its amount;
  5. Overweight women are not recommended to buy a bra with “bones”. The fasteners must have at least 3 hooks;
  6. Purchase a special sports underwear for training; choose comfortable bras made of soft material and allowing you to adjust the size during pregnancy, or take the one for a feeding mother;
  7. Try to wear bright underwear more seldom, since its fabric often contains dyes, which come on the skin and into the blood with perspiration;
  8. Never sleep in a bra and do not wear it for more than 12 hours.