Breast Cancer Screening May Harm Your Health


According to the British Medical Journal, the experts overestimate the positive effect of breast cancer screening and ignore the risks associated with it.

Screening breast cancer

The authors of the study claim that the main risk is the statement of an incorrect diagnosis. Therefore, the patient can be sent to an unnecessary operation and will take the useless medication. According to the study, conducted in 2009 at the request of BMJ, there happened to be 10 healthy women, who had been given an erroneous diagnosis of breast cancer, among the 2000 patients who had undergone screening in the UK. One can not ignore the powerful psychological stress, which a woman feels, having learnt about the disease.

Today, it is a real problem in Great Britain, since screening is publicly funded in this country. The officials from the sphere of medicine just have to think about how much money the procedure, which gives no absolute results, takes from the budget. The question whether the wasted funds are worthy of the lives of several people is being seriously discussed for some years. The women, who are older than 50 years, are specially invited to this screening, and if they do not come to the examination for some time, they receive a special DVD by mail, which clearly shows what the consequences of neglecting their own health may be. And this propaganda also leads to enormous expenses.

The result is as follows. On the one hand, there is the money, that could be spent on something more appropriate, plus the undermined health of the women, who have been given a wrong diagnosis and have been treated with chemotherapy or have gone through a mastectomy. On the other hand, there is the national program of improving the health of the nation, because prevention is better than treatment. What we get is the classics of the genre: life or money.


  1. Screening saves no one.
    Breast cancer is a systemic, constitutional disorder, present for around eight years before any detectable tumour. Orthodox “early detection” is late detection.
    Each year, in the UK, around 43,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Each year, in the UK, some 13,000 women, diagnosed with breast cancer, die.
    As breast cancer is not localised and does not start in the breast, mammography, mastectomy, radiation and cyto-toxic drugs are never anything other than grievous bodily harm.
    Mammography is a physical/radioactive assault which increases the chances of cancer.
    “Ductal carcinoma in situ” is not cancer
    The breast cancer misdiagnosis rate is around 70% : 43,000 diagnosed : 13,000 have cancer. The misdiagnosed usually survive the treatment and are left minus one or two breasts, and, possibly lymph glands, constantly worried that the “cancer” might “return” and more likely to develop the disease, in the future, from the effects of the treatment for a condition they never had.
    If they last five years they become “breast cancer cures”.
    The correctly diagnosed women, who see these “cures” and who choose the same carcinogenic, immuno-suppressive package of surgery, drugs and radiation, will, Divine Intervention excepted, die from the effects of the onslaught – at the rate of 13,000 per year

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