Anger & Heart Disease in Women Linked


The researchers concluded that there is a connection between the habit of showing impressive anger and the heart condition in women, but it is complex and not fully understood. An article written by the experts from the Military Medical University in Maryland deals with finding out what is better for the heart – violent expression of anger or, conversely, restraining emotions.

Angry Woman

The experts believe that women’s emotions may indicate an increased risk of certain diseases. The study of anger was aimed at improving the diagnosis of heart disease in women – scholars regard anger in connection with the risk of ischemic syndrome in women. Their study involved 636 women, who had chest pain or other potential symptoms of coronary artery disease.

The participants of the study had standardized tests to measure their level of anger and hostility. The scientists measured the extent to which each of the participants was prone to anger and observed their ways of expressing anger (violently or reservedly).

It is significant that the angiogram recorded the presence of blood clots in heart arteries in the women who had the habit of vividly expressing their anger. And the more they expressed anger, the greater the symptoms of thrombosis were.

Thus, the researchers conclude that the women, who have a tendency to express their anger violently, face the high risk of blood clots. However, the experts clarify that these women have an increased risk of blood clots in case of other risk factors for heart disease (older age, diabetes, or high cholesterol).