Alcohol Harms Digestion


Almost any feast, especially when it is a festive meal, implies the intake of alcohol with calorie-rich and fat food. The combination of these two elements is a heavy blow to the body. Swiss gastroenterologists at the University Hospital of Zurich found that alcohol slows down digestion to a significant degree.

Woman, eating, wine

Besides, fat food washed down by alcohol overburdens the liver. Besides wine, the scientists also investigated the influence of black tea, cherry liquor and water on the human body. They were assisted by a group of healthy volunteers aged between 23 and 58. They were requested to partake of a substantial supper and wash it down by one of the stipulated beverages.

The research revealed that digestion went on much slower with the volunteers who drank wine during the meals. Nevertheless the participants didn’t feel any discomfort. Experts urge to avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol during meals because they may cause digestive disorders.

Source of the image: Photl.