11 Boob Facts


Here are 11 interesting breast facts you didn’t know.


Larger-sized bras are more common now

Judging by the information received from Intimacy, a lingerie retailer, the average woman now goes for bras 34DD size, which is a step up, for 20 years ago it was size 34B. For a more exact comparison – the band measurement remained the same, but the new average size caters for those about three inches fuller where the chest is widest.

You are likely to be wearing not your size bra

Another funny fact the Intimacy shared is that as many as 85% of women are wearing the bra size that isn’t their fit. So, you would do well to take a correct measure of yourself or even involve an expert to get to know your size.

The bra in its modern form is relatively new

The history of the modern bra goes back less than a century. First it was backless, as patented by Mary Phelps Jacob in 1914, and acquired its familiar shape and sizing standards only at the Maidenform company in 1920s, thanks to the founders Ida Rosenthal and husband William.

Many women are far from satisfied with their boobs

How many women do you think are quite satisfied with their chest sizes? Only about 30%, says a research in the International Journal of Sexual Health. No matter what opinion of their breasts are men, the rest feel undersized. If you belong with the group, why not play up your cleavage a bit to keep yourself happy?

Exercising sometimes makes breasts hurt

If it goes for you, don’t be afraid – it’s perfectly natural. A British study reveals that every third woman marathon runner has breast ache. There are simple ways to assuage the aching sensation.

That may be because breasts move about ever so much

When you break into a run, your breasts move with you – they perform a kind of figure-eight movement, and British experts say they can cover up to 8 inches of space! A supportive sports bra seems to be in order!

Breastplay is a good turn-on

Agreed by 85% of the women polled by a research of the year 2006! Breastplay makes for a good arousal by itself and adds more spice to other kinds of arousal, so think about involving your boobs more in the hot action!

Some women can get orgasms from breastplay

That’s a fact, your nipples can cause their own special orgasms.

Don’t rely on their being identical

It’s not usual – on the contrary, it’s more common to have one breast slightly larger than the other (as stated in Florence Williams’ book Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. The average difference runs to something like a fifth of a cup.

You can have them VERY big!

According to the Guinness World Record book, the largest size breasts award (natural, ladies!) was granted in 1999; the lucky winner could boast 70-inch wide boobs – 5.83 feet! That’s truly gorgeous!

Demands for breast augmentation never cease

As for 2012, breast augmentation was the most sought-after surgery (as given out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). As for 2014, more than 280,000 women had their boobs enlarged – a bit of a decline from 2011 (by 7%).


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