10 Dieting Tips to Avoid Wrinkles


Wrinkles is an inescapable evil that many are dreading; something that makes us shudder in anticipation of their appearing around the eyes or near the corners of the mouth. The skin ages, gets thinner and less supple, and here you are – it cannot smooth out thin lines any more.

Organic Foods

Being in the sun for a long time and smoking are two aggravating circumstances that make the skin wrinkle sooner, especially if it doesn’t get enough care.

Here’s what you can do in the way of improving your skin health by introducing certain foods in your diet.

1. Asparagus

Here’s one delicious way to inhibit the formation of wrinkles, and one of the most efficient, at that. It won’t require a lot to persuade you to include asparagus on the menu, will it?

2. Spinach

Spinach is a veritable treasure for the skin, it is rich in Vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, and beta carotene that take good care of skin texture. Get the taste for it for your skin’s sake!

3. Celery

Celery is the food that will ensure your face remaining smoother than other people’s, it is alike to spinach, containing Vitamins C and E, and beta carotene which your skin needs.

4. Kale

This leafy veg, stocked full of antioxidants, also has Vitamin A, lutein, and iron in large quantities, all highly beneficial for the skin. For best health results, down 2 or more cups of kale on a daily basis.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are beneficial for the content of lycopene, a substance that is known to take away unnecessary redness and prevent cell damage in the skin. About 4 tomato dishes in a week will let you have the most powerful effect.

6. Sweet potatoes

Apart from being a yummy kind of food in itself, appreciated by many, sweet potatoes can deal with your wrinkles owing to their content of beta carotene and a really large store of Vitamin C. If you make it your ever-present part of the diet, you will also get much benefit from sweet potatoes’ various antioxidants.

7. Apples

Apples are wholesome for the whole body, but they are especially good as an anti-wrinkle measure. Their supply of Vitamin C and the antioxidant quercetin can make your skin shiny and smooth; quercetin, due to its peculiar molecular structure, is able to reduce free radicals that are linked with the formation of wrinkles. Isn’t it a tasty way to keep your skin smooth?

8. Sunflower seeds

That’s the food you can eat out of a bag any time you feel like having a snack, or sprinkle with them different dishes, adding to them pleasant crunchiness. Containing a lot of fat soluble Vitamin E, sunflower seeds lower the risk of your skin cells’ sustaining radical damage.

9. Blueberries

A good source of Vitamin C is blueberries; you can drop a few berries into whatever dish you take for breakfast, and take the rest along for a wholesome middle-of-the-day snack. They will be conducive to the increase of collagen in the face, which results in slower aging of the skin.

10. Salmon

This kind of fish is known for its high nutriment value, with the special mention of omega-3 fatty acids, which are, apart from the rest, a perfect lubricant for the skin. Providing a weekly intake of 2 or more 3-ounce servings of salmon, you will have a properly nourished skin full of luster.

Naturally, you should take all these foods regularly for the strongest effect. Should you really hate some of them or just not inclined to go for new kinds of food straightaway, go heavy on apples, salmon, sweet potatoes, and see if you will be happy with a healthier-looking skin! Then you may want to try all these foods, too.