Triumph Bra with a Cooling Effect


Get worn out by summer heat easily? Naturally, you can’t carry around an air conditioner or a fan. The Japanese branch of the lingerie brand Triumph sympathies with you to the extent of designing a special piece of underwear for you to keep you cool outside and inside! It is called the Super Cool Bra, a guaranteed protection from the blistering skies.

The breast cooler is rigged up from refrigerated gel pads, the very thing to wear, isn’t it! Stay assured, pains are taken there be no discomfort, the gel is soft and embraces your curves easily. The basic comfort is enhanced with sound and fragrance notes, provided by a wind chime between the cups and a sprig of mint. And in case you chance to come by a fountain, there is a free ladle to splash yourself and complete the super-cooling procedure!

Triumph’s Super Cool Bra is adorned with an eye-cooling fish tank exterior. The company offers bamboo screens and mini skirts from mosquito net as a suitable addition for a complete outfit. Japan’s nuclear reactors have been shut down, so cool designs to help save power are in order at the moment. Also, isn’t it cute to wear fish tanks on your boobs?