COZ-E by Ion Audio – No Cold Allowed


As colds are fast approaching and (even though it’s warm enough inside) you become conscious of a desire to feel warm waves engulf you with that special cozy sensation that you can get only in midwinter, it‘s a good idea to ensconce yourself on a couch, but it’s a better idea to check out on Ion Audio’s COZ-E first.

Electric snuggie COZ-E by ION Audio

The COZ-E stops midway between a blanket and a dressing-gown – it’s a loose cover for you to snuggle under and turn the heat on – low (indicated by green light on the control pad), medium (yellow light) or high (red).

If you opt to spend the evening lying down you thrust your arms into the sleeves so that the opening is in the back, if you fancy it as a robe you wear it with the opening in front, only there is no sash and it isn’t supposed to be worn all over the place, for it isn’t powered by batteries but via an electric cord. Of course you can unplug the cord and then, having moved into another part of the house, plug it again, but you’ll have to carry the cord in your hand or let it trail behind you… Unless you wind it around the neck where it won’t get in the way. So, the COZ-E seems to have been designed mainly for taking life easy on the couch or the sofa.

There’s a vague idea that it might be rigged up as a sort of an inside tent for children… And if you purchase it for $49.95 you may experiment with it for different degrees and situations of personal coziness throughout the winter.

Source of the image: Ionaudio.