Does a Woman’s Breast Shape Determine Her Personality?


American psychologists, based on recent creative studies conducted by sexologists, published in the Health journal interesting classification of women according to… the breast shape.

Woman's breasts

The study’s authors claim that a woman’s breast can tell a lot about her personality. Curiously, the classification was carried out based on the concept of fruits sizes and shapes.

So, ladies with large and round breasts resembling a muskmelon, position themselves as a domestic creature, but in fact it is not so; such women love adventure, never refuse to eat delicious food, but as a rule are pretty quiet when it comes to sex.

Women whose breast shape is like a lemon are flirtatious and spontaneous as well as cheerful and self-ironical.

A woman with oval (pineapple) breast is intelligent with great career advances but is still romantic and faithful.

Women with grapefruit breasts are likely to be shy and prefer tenderness to sex.

Women with orange breasts love to have conversations and partnerships.

Small-breasted women with breasts that resemble cherries are the most charming and cheerful ladies who love to entertain.

But the sexiest women under this classification are women with pear-shaped breasts – these ladies are incredibly boy-crazy, and cannot imagine their life without romance; moreover, they are very religious.

So do you agree with this classification?

Source of the image: Photl.