Convenient Alternative to Plaster Has Been Created


The Scottish surgeon, Gordon MacKay, has invented a more convenient alternative to plaster. According to the doctor from the Ross Hall Hospital, the classic plaster should be replaced with the film which keeps the damaged area motionless.

Prof Gordon MacKay

A small piece of film is inserted through a small incision made in the problem area. The film acts as a brace holding the damaged ligaments. The advantage of this method is the easy application of this holder and the ability to maintain muscle tone and reduce recovery time after the injury.

According to the author of the invention, it is important for athletes who need a quick recovery after the injuries of ligaments. The method has been tested on the Scottish skater and seven times champion of Great Britain, Sinead Kerr. She has successfully healed her injury in such a way and says she feels fine now.

Source of the image: BBC.