Blame Your Ancestors If You Can’t Get A Tan


If you can’t get a tan and burn your skin unprotected by a sun screen after just 15-20 minutes of staying in the sun, you can blame it on your ancestors who lived in the northern areas of the globe. On the other hand, those who get a nice deep tan can thank their subtropical ancestors.

Girl at the beach

Lead anthropologist from the Penn State in Nebraska, Nina Jablonski, argues that exposure to ultraviolet radiation is greater in the middle and high latitudes. The researchers looked at how sunlight exposure affects different parts of the globe and people living there and found noticeable migration occurred over the past centuries.

Northern people with snow white skin rushed to the southern areas. Now their descendants are suffering trying to get a nice tan. If your ancestors are from the North, sunbathe very carefully. Use sun screens, or you risk getting a bad tan after your skin gets burned even before the beach season starts.

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