10 Sexiest Women's Jobs


What women’s professions do men find the sexiest ones? The researchers from the Elite Partner company have answered this question recently. They interviewed about thirteen thousand unmarried men, who did not keep their preferences a secret.


10. Top Manager

Many men admire women, who work as top managers. These women hold leadership positions, they know exactly what they want and always believe in themselves.

9. Model

A lot of men would like their girlfriend to be like Miranda Kerr or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. However, men do not think about the fact that models must keep to a strict diet, have a lot of training, and be on the move all the time.

8. Actress

The men, who took part in the survey, worshipped Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston. The image of these and other beauties makes this profession and most of the representatives of the motion picture industry seem sexy.

Megan Fox

7. Singer

Sexy pop stars, such as Jennifer Lopez, will probably be sexy even when they become elderly people. Being gifted in the field of music, these women have a special charm, which no one can resist.

6. Architect

Women with the profession of an architect can be relied on in any situation – they always seem to have a plan. In addition, architects are very talented and creative people, and their salary is rather big, as a rule.

5. Teacher

These ladies are generally well educated, outgoing, and they love children. The men, who do not think about having children in the near future, are likely to believe that teachers are concentrated on their students.

4. Lawyer

The roles of women lawyers in the popular TV series and movies are usually performed by beautiful young actresses. Perhaps, that is why this profession is considered to be one of the sexiest. Lawyers are usually well-educated and earn quite a lot.


3. Nurse

Nurses, just as teachers, are active in the social field, and they do not lose consciousness when they see wounds or blood.

2. Journalist

Men think that female journalists are attractive due to their self-confidence, sociability and openness. They are able to come in contact with people of different types, they are open to learn new things, they are curious, and they have a rather broad outlook.

1. Doctor

According to men, the sexiest female profession is that of a doctor. Countless TV series about doctors and white medical gowns must have contributed to this decision. The fact that doctors are very hard-working and smart also describes this profession to advantage.