Hatsune Miku “Live” Сoncert


The usual wave of love for the synthetic pop star has swept Japan. The name Hatsune Miku, like her voice, was made up of several components – Hatsu (first), ne (sound) and Miku (future) thus meaning “the first sound from the future”.

Hatsune Miku was created in 2007 and quickly gained popularity in Japan. But now, when people have started to gradually forget about it, its founders – Crypton Future Media decided to take an unprecedented step – to organize its “live” concert with the help of animated 3D-holography.

The parent of the first synthetic pop star – Vocaloid software developed by company Yamaha, imitating the singing voice of a person based on a given melody and lyrics. Any program based on it can be divided into two parts: speech synthesis system (singing) and library of performers. The singer’s voice is broken up into small pieces and stored in a database. Further, the user types the lyrics of a new product, enters the notes, sets the rhythm, and Vocaloid automatically generates a song, selecting the appropriate phoneme and sound to the lyrics.

Can it really be so that living singing and performance will take backseat with time?