How to Choose Makeup & Cosmetics?


Every woman wants to be beautiful. In order to achieve this goal and highlight their natural beauty, many women use the benefits of the cosmetic industry since adolescence.


Today we share with you some tips on choosing cosmetics:

As a rule, modern prestigious cosmetic companies (French and American) are developing the products based on continuous scientific research and provide recommendations based on the skin type, seasonality and stages of skin care;

  1. so first of all, you need to identify your skin type;
  2. do not buy a dozen packages at once – cosmetics has a limited shelf life;
  3. select makeup and cosmetics that would influence different kinds of exchange, for example, if some product regulates water and electrolyte metabolism of the skin, it should be applied in spring and summer; creams containing amino acids affect protein metabolism, and creams with fat ingredients protect the skin from the cold and help to normalize its fat (lipid) metabolism.

Allergic diseases are a consequence of environmental problems, stress and an unbalanced diet, and if you are prone to allergic reactions, you should buy cosmetics very carefully (preferably hypoallergenic products) , but if you have a swollen face, spots, and itchy skin when using cosmetic means, you should stop using this product immediately and consult a specialist.

To obtain the desired result, the skin should not get used to the same agent. Therefore cosmetics should be applied in courses: traditional nourishing creams are used, on average, for a month; liposomal cosmetics (for withered skin) should rather be used for fifteen sessions and repeated each 2-3 months.

Studies have shown that alcohol in cosmetics dries the skin if it lacks moisture and enhances the secretion of the sebaceous glands in case of oily skin, i.e. it makes oily skin even greasier. Beauticians have virtually abandoned spirits in lotions.

Fruit acids, which appeared in the produce of many firms, have made these products more attractive: it turned out that fruit acids enhance the natural process of skin regeneration, remove dead cells, refresh the skin and soften it, activate moisturizing and whitening ingredients.

Keep in mind how old you are: you should not use liposomal cosmetics for aging skin if you are 20 years old.

The most important thing when buying cosmetics is not to buy a fake product: even the most famous firms suffer from produce forgery. Thus, paraffin, dog fat, and even rosin are added to “creams”; fake cosmetics is usually packed in such a way that the producers find it difficult to distinguish pseudo-cosmetics from their own products. Therefore, we recommend buying cosmetics only in specialty stores, paying attention to the annotation: if it is written vaguely and promises something ignorant and unreal, it is better to abandon the purchase. Serious firms always provide a detailed description of their products.