Top Best Paying Jobs for Women


When considering what career path to take, there are a variety of jobs for women to choose from. It is important to know about job specifics and salary ranges when deciding on a career. It is just as important to research the daily job requirements and responsibilities and to determine whether you are interested and passionate about the work you will be doing. Women can take control of their futures by choosing high paying jobs with opportunities for advancement.

Sales Engineers

According to Forbes, the best paying job for women is a sales engineer career. Women make about $134, 472 per year, which is 136 percent of men’s earnings. This means that this is one of the only positions where women make more than men who have similar combinations of education and experience. Sales engineers sell technology- and science-related products, working in both inside and outside sales. They must interest their clients in the product or service and work out all the details to make the sale. Most women require a bachelor’s degree for this position.


pharmacyImage via Flickr by JeepersMedia

Pharmacists do more than just hand out medications at a counter. They measure the medications, give health advice, and advise customers about different drug interactions. They are very well-educated and usually need six years of school. Pharmacists must complete a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and must obtain a license by taking the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (NAPLEX). Women pharmacists make about $98,904 a year, which is 87 percent of men’s earnings.
Women can also obtain specialty jobs as pharmacists. Compound pharmacists, for example, combine different types and dosages of medications to meet customers’ specific needs.


Women lawyers make about $82,680 per year, which is 83 percent of men’s earnings. Women who want to become lawyers can benefit from obtaining a political science degree. Students study different policies and laws to obtain the necessary basic knowledge that lawyers need. Students must attend graduate school to get a law degree, and then they must pass the bar examination in the state in which they plan to work.
Lawyers serve as advocates and advisors. On one hand, they represent a party of a case and support their client. On the other hand, as advisors, they counsel their clients about their rights and the appropriate plans of action to take.


CEOs, or chief executive officers, often have stressful days at work. They manage many aspects of a company and oversee its operations. In addition, they must make sure the company meets its goals, provide a sense of direction for the company, and formulate company policies. This leads to long hours, and the company’s success often relies on the actions of the CEO. CEO salaries are some of the highest salaries for management positions. Women CEOs make about $81,744 per year, which is only 70 percent of men’s earnings.
No matter what career path you decide to take, there are many high-paying positions for women. As society moves toward gender equality, the pay gap is likely to shrink. Pick a career path that interests you, research the job specifics, and look into the average salaries.