Top 10 Men’s Jobs Women Find Hot


How much can jobs tell us about people? Some people point out that a person’s job cannot tag them as individuals, and every profession embraces human beings with a wide range of personal traits. Justly said. We need only to step into any office to see what great variety of personalities it houses.


There is another opinion, though. Whatever your job is, either a nine-to-five one or a more creative kind that doesn’t bind you to a strict schedule, it requires a certain set of traits that you are supposed to have. A designer wouldn’t want to deal with a sheaf of documents that give him no scope to express his own ideas. An accountant who feels happy with his figures wouldn’t like to mind little children for days on end or paint murals. What you do for hours day after day must be supported by your inner propensity.

Therefore, people in a profession being very different individuals, they should have some traits in common – and that’s why a profession carries a certain psychological message that other people receive (how clearly is another matter). Moreover, some professions are regarded as sexier than others! Transposing the issue into the field of romantic relationships, it can safely be averred that a number of professions are apt to draw a woman’s attention immediately. Why so, and how women see them?

A lawyer’s charms

A lawyer is definitely one of the hard professions for maintaining stable relationships. They have to wrap up their affairs no matter how much time it is going to take and whether they have to work in the most ungodly hours. Their time and mind belongs to their cases – yet when they can forget about work and turn their attention to you, you may find it is worth the wait.

The negative picture of a lawyer has them as cocksure and supercilious, but it comes from their being more confident than an ordinary man. On the other hand, lawyers ought to be clever, quick on the uptake and good analysts. They are accustomed to dealing with situations that require discretion – other people rely on them in the issues of their money and family. They have a large experience in human beings, so if a lawyer put his eyes on you, you can feel pretty exceptional!

A doctor’s attractions

A doctor is a person capable of great dedication – while some think of this trade only as prestigious and pecunious, it’s really a question of long diligent years of studies, staying power, working hard and investing energy to achieve recognition.

But all this begins to matter less and less as the working day is wearing away. What it really comes down to is that doctors are big-hearted people who want to help their fellow humans, stop suffering, set others back on their feet. It’s a tough but rewarding life. Another attractive thing about this profession is that doctors know everything about the body – and that may be useful in more ways than one!

Also – what about their whites, aren’t they just cute in their angel-like clothing?

A teacher’s appeal

Cast your mind back – do you remember your teachers and/or professors? If you somehow omitted thinking how sexy and clever they look, some of your friends at school and college did fall in love with their teachers admiring their intelligence and confidence in handling difficult subjects.

The particular subject they teach doesn’t really make a difference – biology, mathematics, languages, the amount of their knowledge is astounding, and they are always telling you most incredible things. So, they are people you won’t get bored with, and you can rely on them for keeping up amusing conversations. What they don’t have is a uniform, but you can forgive them for that in view of their quite pronounced intelligent kind of charm.

A firefighter’s glories

A favorite character with strippers, a firefighter stands for manliness and sexiness with that great big hose of his! This profession actually reeks of strength, bravery, muscular body, and rugged appearance that come together to make its representatives almost unbearably sexy!

So you meet a man and realize that he is a hero every week if not every day… And that does something to you and stirs up interest in him. Also, you know that practically every operating firehall releases its own calendar – they may have other reasons for that, but the truth is it looks good for ladies due to these manly individuals. What a glorious sight for the town when the firetruck drives along and we can enjoy the sight of our uniformed heroes!

A musician’s allurement

True, there’s many a good musician who is aware that he won’t become a star, but to think of someone who’s got music sounding in him and can take it out for us all to hear is a small wonder in itself. As soon as somebody takes up a guitar he becomes a cynosure of all eyes, ladies’ most of all.

This aura of creativeness definitely wins in charm over suit-clad, office-toiling persons who appear lacking in passion, sensitivity, depth in comparison. Maybe this impression is not quite true, but it does spring up unconsciously. And then again, who knows, maybe the star of your boyfriend-musician will rise and shine one day!

An entrepreneur’s pull

There are ways and ways how a man of a certain trade can look sexy and attractive, and one of these kinds is an entrepreneur’s. His style of sexiness is based on reliability, stability, and these qualities are almost irresistible to some women.

You know that your favorite entrepreneur is a go-getter who sets up companies, a clever guy who analyses the markets, works very hard to earn reputation and can take risks to bring his idea to completion.

You can count on them being able to think round problems, and when they are tired of their labors by the end of the day, they loosen their ties and get passionate just for you. What can be better?

An athlete’s magnetism

An athlete has and will always have attraction for women. A well-built, muscular torso drawing the eye, liquid strength seeming to travel through the whole body, pheromones exuding from their postures – who can refute their over sexiness?

The only drawback is that sportsmen are well aware of their sensuality, and many of them are not averse to playing around with as many women as they can. Definitely, the chances of your athlete staying faithful to you are somewhat slimmer than with representatives of other trades – especially if he is in the major leagues where sportsmen enjoy support from crowds of admiring females (and not all of them admire his field prowess!). So, you have to be sure of your ability to control the sexy guy.

A policeman’s lures

Strippers like policemen just as much as they do firemen, thus recognizing their more-than-usual sex appeal. Presumably, it’s all in the uniform – volumes can be written about how much girls adore a uniform and how different a man looks once he’s put on one. The extent of the change is unbelievable!

Another aspect of a policeman’s charms is the sense of power that he emits. He is expected to be the very embodiment of authority, expressed in more modern terms – an alpha male, a testosterone hero. And what about the handcuffs that he keeps handy? For some of the hotter girls that just might constitute an additional point in the favor of a policeman.

An artist’s loveliness

A macho at your side sure looks great, but the beauty and the beast is not everyone’s theme. What’s more, some women can even be put off by overabundance of testosterone. So, for those who hanker about gentler males with exquisite tastes, an artist stands out as the most desirable type. There is some mystery and an aura of inspiration about him, he isn’t likely to lead office-bound kind of life, he feels freer and more creative not only professionally, but as it concerns their lifestyle.

Not enough? Well, artists can express their emotions better than muscular fellows, surely. They observe and notice beauty and harmony where other people are likely to pass them by. And if you want more romance in your life, you can count on an artist more than on anybody else to come up with it and make certain moments so memorable for you.

An architect’s marvelousness

A happy cross between the logic of facts and figures and the beauty of creation, an architect seems better equipped than most men! He is an inhabitant of the dream world, but he is always ready to come down to earth to make sure his dreams have solid foundations and will last through decades.

This almost incredible ability to juggle dream and reality makes architects very exciting partners. Have you ever dreamed of creating your own home where everything would be in perfect accordance with your life-long visions? Then an architect is undoubtedly a partner for you.