Night Shift and Flexible Working Time Affect the Health


Those who work night shifts, as well as those who have a flexible working day should carefully consider their well-being.

Woman checking her blood for diabetes
This is proved by the result of the research carried out by an international team of scientists. They have done extensive work comparing the results of more than 30 studies, which involved two million people from Canada and Norway. The figures showed that night shift disrupts the body’s biological clock and increases blood pressure and the risk of diabetes. So, the 17,000 night employees revealed coronary disease, more than six thousand had already experienced a heart attack, almost 2000 had had a stroke.

The reason is that people working shifts, have no definite rest schedule. The timetable of sleep and wakefulness breaks, people can perk up with the help of stimulants and calm down with the help of sedatives. In addition, the dietary pattern suffers – when the nervous system is active all the time, there is a desire to fight stress by eating. As a result, blood accumulates cholesterol. Doctors advise all those who work shifts or work at night to regularly check the level of cholesterol and blood pressure – and, of course, keep a healthy diet and do not forget about sports.