3 Tips on How to Become Less Shy


Modesty adorns a woman, but what should you do when excessive shyness causes you a lot of trouble? We’ll tell you how to overcome natural shyness and learn to stand your ground.

Colleagues gossiping in the office

Shyness is like fear – it blocks all our impulses to express our thoughts. We are afraid that we will not be heard or understood, even that we will be laughed at. So let us look at how to deal with that fear.

Raise your self-esteem

Shyness is the first sign of a low self-esteem. Are you afraid that your words and actions are not good enough? Are you afraid of people’s reaction? But why? If you are sure you are right, do not be afraid to talk and express yourself. Prove why you think so and provide weighty arguments, so that people listen to you. If your knowledge is not enough to convince the others, then perfect yourself. Nothing improves self-esteem like confidence in your knowledge and expertise.

Look at other people as if at your own reflection in the mirror

We are all humans, with their weaknesses and bees in a bonnet. Your boss also has friends with whom he/she discusses the day and shares emotions, like you do. And the interviewer whom you met yesterday fears his boss and has his concerns about work. So why should you be ashamed, or what is worse, afraid? Be yourself. Why aren’t you embarrassed to express your point of view to the parents or your sister, but get shy before the boss? Is he different from them?

Know your value

Shy people often diminish their successes and achievements, the value of their words and actions. Do you think your comment at a general meeting is not so important, and you prefer to keep silent? But if that comment appeared in your head, then it is valuable at least for you, and at maximum – for the entire company. Be able to recognize the value of your thoughts and bring them to the others. Practice performing before an audience, and take people easier and do not be afraid.