New Profession: Cuddler


Cuddling ought to take its rightful place among man’s predominant needs judging by the fact that it has become a profession – and a very successful one! Maybe some people will shy away from hired cuddling because they are sure it is a highly intimate (probably the most intimate) kind of contact, but it looks like there are quite a few people ready to pay to have someone to cuddle to.

The initial idea to furnish this sort of service belongs to a bold 29-year-old woman called Jackie Samuel. She needed money to finance her studies and the keeping of a young son, and made up her mind to trade her warmth and cuddling abilities. They seem to be fairly good, for Samuel charges about $60 an hour and earns something like $260 a day; lately she has had so many calls upon her professional skills that she was forced to hire the second professional cuddler in the world.

This choice of occupation had her stamped a prostitute by some, but Samuel doesn’t give a care. She lays down strict rules about the degree of intimacy during the rendering of the service and is ready to deliver to any person notwithstanding the sex or the age. Her clients are lonely people or people swamped in complicated relationships which exclude free snuggling; there are also people who just love to snuggle and delight at the chance to have it whenever they feel like it. Are you aghast at the prospect of calling in a cuddler – or just can’t wait to make your life warmer? Well, it’s a very private decision, but we often pay money to feel better, don’t we?