New Music Single with Two Minutes of Silence Is Gaining Popularity


There’s nothing new in releasing “silent music”, but every time it seems to hit a note in people’s hearts. At least the latest track of two-minute silence certainly did.

2 minute silence” is a charity single (which contains exactly what it says) released by The Royal British Legion on iTunes; moreover, it has an accompanying video clip graced by the presence of a number of well-known musicians like David Tennant, Thom Yorke and Mark Ronson, all of whom abstain from any performance whatsoever.

The single and the video can be downloaded for £1, and the resulting money will be used by the RBL to fund their personnel support project (including their ex-service men).

Music critics claim they won’t be surprised if “2 minute silence” topped the charts, and the Royal British Legion’s spokesperson voiced their satisfaction with their single competing successfully with Take That for this Sunday’s Number One.

The single is also meant as a solemn commemoration of Remembrance Sunday.