Reasons Why Building Eco-friendly Homes Using Conex Boxes Is a Great Idea


There was a time when Conex shipping containers were nothing more than corrugated metal bins used only for transporting goods across the sea on cargo ships. Today, things have changed and some people now call these metal boxes home. The best part is, there are highly comfortable and luxurious homes made from used Conex boxes. Click to learn more about the various ways Conex boxes are being used today.

Today, shipping container homes have become quite popular. More than just unattractive rectangular boxes shabbily repurposed into makeshift homes, in the hands of expert designers, Conex boxes are the rave of the moment. They now come in varieties of size and design option good enough to rival and even beat regular houses.

As far as design goes, there really is no limit to what configuration Conex boxes can be made into. They can be laid down right next to each other, fused into a single room or stack on top of each other to form an impressive layered structure. Beyond the metal exterior, Conex boxes can be customized with some of the most stunning indoor fixtures to give it such an aesthetic appeal while retaining an overall minimalistic look. Container homes are also considered as quite environmentally friendly. This and many other reasons are why you should consider getting one built for you.


Without any question, building homes with Conex boxes are eco-friendly. This is indeed one of the main reasons why they are preferred by many people today. To start with, there are currently millions of shipping containers that are not in active use all over the world. Many of these steel boxes are left to rust away in storage yard and ports. When you consider this, it is easy to see why buying one of these and repurposing it into a beautiful home helps the environment.

Although some people argue that melting containers and reusing is a great solution as well. However, when you consider how much energy has to be expanded to get this done and the possible impact of the process on the environment, it makes more sense to simply use the containers to build homes as they are being used today.

Apart from the fact that you are saving several pounds of steel from rusting away somewhere, you are also cutting down on the other building materials that would have been used in building a traditional house. Most people who use container homes also have several environmentally friendly features installed in them. Read more about modern container homes and how to get yours on

It is cheap

Perhaps one of the major reasons why container homes have become quite popular is how cheap they are compared to traditional building options. The cost of building container homes vary widely from one location to the other and also depends on factors like size, the design you prefer and the other features you intend to add. However, in most cases, you are more likely to build a Conex box home at a cheaper price compared to an equivalent home built with regular construction materials and techniques.

There are also several innovative ways you can cut costs on construction without compromising standards. For example, you can buy and make use of used containers that are still in good condition. If you are also handy you can also decide to work on the project yourself, thus cutting costs. Generally, you are very much likely to save cost on building no matter how small it is in the long run. There are a lot of online resources that can teach you more on how to build container homes even when you are on a budget.

You can get it built off-site

A lot of people have gotten used to the idea of seeing a building built from scratch on their site. All this is changing now with Conex boxes that are being remodeled into homes. Container homes are mostly built off-site and simply delivered where you want them to be. This effectively solves the problem of space or even the tools and materials required for the building. Your Conex box can be built according to specification at a workshop elsewhere and delivered ready for you to move into it immediately.

Get it ready in no time

Think about it. Shipping containers already have floors, walls, and ceiling built for you on a purchase. This means you only need to add some fixtures like insulation, decoration and add some finishing touches and it is ready for use. Homes made from shipping containers can be built and ready at an incredibly fast rate which makes it a great choice if you are not interested in waiting around for a house to get completed. These features make Conex boxes suitable not for regular homes but also for structures that are time sensitive like shops, hostels and so on.

They stand out

Some modernized container homes will simply leave you tongue-tied when you realize they are made from Conex boxes. Many modern Conex homes are designed with just as much architectural sophistication as regular homes. They can be built and sculpted in various ways that give them a modern appeal. Some are so beautiful; people will be surprised when you tell them your beautiful home is made from some scrappy Conex box.

Container homes can solve your space problem

Space is most times a problem, especially in Urban centers. With shipping container homes, you can conveniently maximize small space. You can have it built elsewhere and it can simply be dropped on your small space when the work is done.


You will be surprised by how much can be achieved with nothing more than an old shipping container in the hands of an expert. With some adjustments here and there, your used Conex box can be easily transformed into a comfortable and attractive home for you and your family. Container homes are fast becoming a trend these days mainly for the reasons we have highlighted and a long list of others.