Women Need £16,000 per Life for Buying Shoes


This is an average estimation of how much a woman pays for getting new shoes year after year, a new study discovered.


According to the results of the survey that involved 3,000 women, a girl begins buying shoes for herself when she turns 14 and proceeds to purchase about seven pairs of footwear every year of her life.

Therefore the footwear industry can rely on every average woman in the country buying 469 pairs of all kinds of their products, from heels to sandals and flip flops. Taking £34.99 as an average price for a pair, we come up with a sum of £244.93 per year and end up with a little more than £16,400 in 67 years.

There has never been any doubt that women are in love with shoes, remarked a spokesperson for Gocompare.com, commenting on the results of their survey. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. But maybe men, who are assumed to own just a pair of shoes or two at a given time (the poll didn’t embrace men), will be amazed to hear that women own about 19 pairs at a time, thus keeping at home about £664.81’s worth in shoes!

No doubt it is a pleasure-and-pain affair to choose from your 19 pairs the right ones to wear tonight – you favorites or the newest ones…

Source of the image: Photl.com.