Tips for Styling Diamond Necklaces for Women


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Fine jewelry is often a delight to every woman. Necklaces have been around for the longest time. They date back to ancient Egypt where the Egyptians wore jewelry. The ornament comes in various sizes. There are large and chunky necklaces as well as small pieces that can go unnoticed. Among the most valuable accessories are diamond necklaces for women which are popular with the elite class.

We all admire celebrities on the red carpet. The sharp looks with expensive jewelry elicit envy. However, it is also possible to recreate an excellent look whenever you want. If you receive an invite to a glamorous event, you can style your necklace for the perfect look. For the ultimate style and status, here are some ways you can use a diamond necklace for women.

1. Diamonds against skin

Diamonds always look great on your skin. They shine and stand out more. It is considered the most stylish way to wear excellent pieces. The surface offers a magnificent backdrop for the shiny embellishments. When you are wearing large diamond neckpieces, let them rest on your skin. A low neckline goes well with large diamond studded neckpieces.

2. Bling on cashmere

Cashmere is always a delight. Wear your diamonds on cashmere pieces like sweaters. Diamonds tend to look brighter against cool, smooth fabrics. You can wear the look for a simple family gathering or a tea party with friends. When layered against cool fabrics, diamonds shine with everything around them.

3. Diamond chokers

Chokers have been back on trend recently. Every woman loves a good choker on her neck. A diamond choker is outstanding. It will make your neck look slender and long. You want to look great when you have been working so hard to get rid of that double chin. A choker is a perfect accessory to show off your brilliant facial features and neckline.

4. Layering

It is essential to know how to layer your diamond pieces. When shopping for a diamond necklace, you may buy matching pieces that can go along with it. For instance, you can wear a necklace and pendant layered together to give a more refined look. Georg Jensen necklaces are unique and alluring. You can layer piece for the ultimate style statement. If you have simple parts that are understated, you can layer them to create a dramatic effect to your outfit. Make sure that the pieces match up.

5. Other accessories

If you are going to wear a necklace, there are other jewelry that you can wear along with it. The size of the chain can determine how many other accessories you can wear. Too much accessorizing can throw your entire look off balance. Many stylists recommend that you wear minimal pieces when you have a large necklace on your neck. The best way to make sure that your chain does not get overpowered is to tone down every other accessory.

Forego some pieces like earrings and instead opt for a bracelet. If you are unsure of what additional accessories will look good, you can wear a single bracelet and a ring to match the diamond neck piece.

Diamonds are a source of envy. When worn right, they create a lasting statement that people will live to remember. If you have a special event coming up, consider a diamond necklace for your masterpiece ornament. It will make the entire outfit look elegant and classic. You can make the most of these accessories whether for an official or a formal outfit. You will always look and feel good when you take time and invest in a statement necklace piece.

With the tips above for styling diamond necklaces, you have enough confidence to get your masterpiece. The Georg Jensen online store has a lot for you. You can explore nice metallic pieces that suit your taste and personality. The simple pieces are a wardrobe staple for everyone that loves to wear beautiful jewelry. Head online now and enjoy your shopping experience.