New Shoes Problems Women Face


34 minutes is the time after which most women wearing new shoes begin to flinch with pain… And as often as not find their evening out ruined by killer heels.

Woman, sofa, shoes off

Researchers from Insolia who conducted a poll of 4,000 women, discovered that, once the woman gets out of the taxi, her new shoes begin to act like a time bomb, and in half an hour she is facing a feet problem.

40 per cent of women, aware of the danger, habitually take along a pair of pumps and change into them as soon as the chafe gets beyond endurance point.

Over 50 per cent of sufferers get back home with their shoes off, either barefoot or having borrowed a pair off their friends.

Every tenth woman experiences so much pain or gets so frustrated that she just kicks the new shoes off and leaves them behind.

In spite of these recurring troubles 20 per cent of women insist that they are not going to give up wearing heels no matter what – notwithstanding even the comment from a spokesperson for Insolia who said that spoiling fun on so many nights out because of shoes is “ridiculous”.

Source of the image: Photl.