More and more women prefer nude colored lingerie


Indeed, nude colored lingerie has a lot of advantages. Ladies like those universal pieces of lingerie because they can be worn under an evening dress, white blouse for work, and even a romantic intimate dinner.

Skin-colored underwear

A recent poll revealed that 72% of British women prefer nude colored lingerie instead of black, white, or colored ones.

For example, statistics from the superstore Debenhams (UK) shows that sales of skin-colored underwear have increased by 38% this year.

So, why is nude currently so popular? Daily Mail asked this question to psychologist Donna Dawson and her response was that this preference for transparent or skin-colored lingerie reflects women’s desire to be more natural. Lately, women have been showing this tendency for natural colors in many areas of their lives. More women prefer natural fabrics, natural shapes, natural-looking makeup, simple hairstyles, etc… Skin-colored lingerie boom is just one aspect of this natural trend.

What is your favorite color of underwear?

Source of the image: Arizonafoothillsmagazine.