Manolo Blahnik & SJP Shoe Collection


Last year, it was announced that Sarah Jessica Parker had adopted a proposal for cooperation from the iconic Manolo Blahnik shoe brand. And now we can already see the first results of this union.


The February issue of O Magazine presented a story in pictures about how the collection had been created. It turns out that after Sarah Jessica had starred in the cult series “Sex and the City”, various shoe brands suggested creating a collection of shoes under the name of the actress.



Parker thought for quite some time, and eventually, she called the Manolo Blahnik’s Director General George Malkmus. It was enough for her to say the first sentence “I thought a lot about the shoes…” and George immediately responded, inviting her to come to his office the next morning.



Joint work began. Sarah Jessica Parker was very enthusiastic and pedantic. She watched all the stages of the creation of shoes bearing her name. The actress controlled everything. She went to the factory in Italy, where the shoes were sewn, and watched every detail of creating the shoes and sandals.



The first pair of SJP and Manolo Blahnik shoes will be available on February 28 in Nordstrom stores in the United States. Parker insisted on reasonable pricing. Each pair will be of excellent quality, and its price will be not more than $500, while the average cost of shoes from Sarah Jessica and Manolo Blahnik is $250-350.