How to Behave When Invited to a Fashion Show?


Lots of women dream of being at a fashion show or even becoming part of it, but not everyone knows about some of the unspoken rules and taboos established at such events. How should you behave if a dream has come true and you have been invited? What should you not wear? 700-clutch-purse-handbag-bag-woman-pink-style-elegance-elegant-fashion


Arriving at the fashion show, of course you should look like a connoisseur of fashion, so go thoroughly through the choice of your image. If you want to be absolutely sure that you look appealing and relevant, it is best to choose minimalism. Classic dresses, skirts, blouses and pants will always be relevant and will not let you down in any situation. This is a win-win situation, but unfortunately, it will not make you unique.

If you still want to stand out, be inspired by, for example, by Anna Dello Russo, a style icon and a lover of extremely bold experiments. If you are not alien to the sense of style and the ability to combine the incongruous, a bold and extravagant look is what you need! After all, a fashion show is an event that allows you to wear what you would not have dared to in everyday life.

However, it is worth remembering about several restrictions in the appearance: Your image should not entirely consist of the clothes by the author of the show. However, one of the items or accessories may be a sign of respect. Avoid massive hairstyles and hats that can interfere with other viewers enjoying the event. In your make-up, try to focus on either the lips or the eyes, but not all at once.

Too bright makeup is not the best solution. Do not take large bags and a coat with you – it is inappropriate. Better, choose interesting accessories. If you still have a coat with you during the show, put it on yourself, and do not put it over your knees. Speaking of accessories, do not wear sunglasses – it looks ridiculous and disrespectful at a fashion show.

Do not forget about behavior

In addition to the generally accepted rules of etiquette and behavior, fashion shows have many restrictions, especially for VIPs. We must remember that a fashion show is a social event, during which you cannot lose face. For example, you should leave children and animals home – they will obviously get no pleasure from the fashion show, but will interfere with the others. Come to the show in time: if you arrive too late, they can slam the door before your nose.

How to behave in the front row?

Those who managed to get into the first row must adhere to a whole list of rules. If you are lucky enough to see the fashion show from the first row (which means that you are either a fashion blogger, a fashion magazine editor, or just an important person for the designer), then you must be aware of being constantly in the lens of the photographers. Therefore, mind everything – from facial emotions to the position of your legs. Every second, you need to look beautiful and dignified, but at the same time relaxed and calm. Being in the front row, do not talk or use your mobile phone. Twitter and chatting over the cell will wait. One of your main goals is to show respect to the designer, so nothing should distract you.