Garter Belt for Men


Time and again men who are accustomed to wear their jeans way below their navels find it is not the most comfortable arrangement. Too bad, thought inventor Andrew Lewis and came up with a sort of a garter belt intended to alleviate the life of the sufferers.

Garter Belt

Although many of the guys who prefer their jeans sagging low on their hips use belts, Lewis said he “noticed saggers constantly hiking up their jeans when climbing the subway station stairs.” He thought they might be tired of doing that even if they mean to stick to their dubious fashion of pants wear.

The New York based inventor conducted a proper market research before he went on with designing a device to help the saggers with the difficult task of assuring their jeans waist stays where they want it to.

The “Subs”, as he dubbed his invention, is a cross between a garter belt and suspenders; the pants are fixed to the waist loop by the fasteners that are adjustable, allowing the wearer to set the pants waist at his preferable level. The Subs offer the guarantee that the jeans won’t fall down, and, according to Lewis, surprisingly they extend their appeal far beyond the circle of saggers. Have guys grown tired of wearing common belts?

Source of the image: Styleite