Elegance and Beauty: Choosing the Perfect Blue Sapphire Ring


Ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring, its popularity has soared. Now everyone wants one, it seems. But, where do you go for one? How do you know if it’s a good deal? And, more importantly, how do you get it for a reasonable price?


How To Judge A Blue Sapphire

Once you’ve decided that you want this beautiful stone, it’s time to judge them to figure out which one is right for you. There are 4 main things to pay attention to:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

These are sometimes referred to as “The 4 C’s.”


Of all the gemstones, many believe that blue sapphire rings are the most popular. And, knowing what they’re worth will help you to not get ripped off by a dealer. Because they’re inherently rare, you need to know how to use the 4 Cs.

First color. This seems obvious. It’s the shade of blue of the sapphire. The key factor here is the saturation. This is how pure of intense the color is. For most sapphires, the higher the saturation, the better.

Another thing to pay attention to is the clarity. Most sapphires come with a few inclusions. Sapphires with no inclusions should be looked on with suspicion because it’s almost impossible not to have them in this gemstone. You want to look for a sapphire with no visible inclusions to the naked eye, however. These are legitimate (if rare).

The cut of the sapphire is next on the list. The cut is what makes the gem sparkle. The cut refers to how it was faceted and polished from the rough stone. The cut factors in things like symmetry, windowing, extinction, and brilliance.

Carat is the final thing to pay attention to. The weight of a sapphire is measured in carats. Typically, a larger gem is harder to come by than a smaller one. This will be reflected in the value of the stone.

How To Pick The Best Shade Of Blue


This is something most people want out of a sapphire: the blue color. But, did you know there are yellow, and white sapphires too? Regardless, the first thing you want to ask is “what shade of blue should I get?” Color is the most important thing when assessing a sapphire’s value. That’s because the color is its “trademark.”

Most people like medium-dark tones. But, pale baby blue to royal blue sapphires are also fine. It all comes down to personal choice.

Blue Sapphires As Engagement Rings

You’re probably wondering whether a sapphire makes a good engagement ring. That all depends on your personal taste. It certainly can be a great engagement ring. They’re common among celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen, Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley. Until the 1940s, colored stones were more popular than diamonds

Today, they’re not the norm, but there’s no reason why you can’t have one or why it’s abnormal. In fact, you may find that the sapphire is more beautiful than a diamond. Of course, diamonds and sapphires are not mutually exclusive. Many people choose to have both in their engagement ring.

Kiera Hudson is recently engaged and has immersed herself fully into planning her wedding. A keen blogger, she is using her findings to write wedding and engagement articles in her free time.