Bijoux-Couture, Very Special Jewelry by Tina Barrat


Bijoux-couture is exactly what the name implies – jewels are conjoined with couture-linked materials such as feathers, lace, fabrics, ribbons. All items are made of original components, for the most part by hand.

Tina Barrat Collection

The brand was set up in Hong Kong 1999 as a project by a French-born designer Tina Barrat. She achieved international kudos with it and is also famous for a number of highly successful collaborations with other fashion brands over those ten years – with Chine Belgian Designs in Belgium, with Nathalie Garcon and Le Club des Createurs de Beaute in France, and “Episode” in Hong Kong.

Outside Hong Kong, Tina Barrat’s brand items are widely sold in Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium). Besides, Tina does bespoke pieces for her clientele that includes celebrities. Many a special occasion and fashion show were graced by her jewelry.

Tina Barrat Collection

Her bijoux-couture collection embraces a wide range of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, including hats, headbands and hairpins invariably trimmed and ornamented by some ingenious “couture” feature which is hand-made.

Ornamental border chains, embroidery-like patterns, lace and feather handiwork play up jewels to advantage.

Tina Barrat

Ever couture-minded, Tina is currently working on pieces adorned with feathers and mother-of-pearl.

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