10 Male Fashion Items Women Hate


There are clothes that women will not accept even if they are worn by the most handsome and attractive man in the world. However, we rarely speak about it, being afraid to hurt men’s feelings.

We have studied dozens of women’s forums and magazines to find out what male fashion items women really hate.

A very deep cut on the shirt or jacket

If the usual V-neckline gives an image of style and sexuality, a very deep cut looks cheap and vulgar.

Ultra-short shorts

Men’s shorts above the knee are a fashionable trend, which women still find difficult to understand. Hairy legs in public places discourage women much more than attract them. We do not seem ready to accept it. This length should rather be left for a gym or a bike ride.

T-shirts with slogans or jokes

A T-shirt with a slogan looks like a raucous advertisement. This way of attracting attention is not very good. It is much better to put on a simple quality thing than to display a trivial idea.


Men and women should wear flip-flops only on the beach, in the shower at the pool and nowhere else. In an urban environment, they look extremely inappropriate.

A vest without a suit

Men wear a vest over a T-shirt or a sweatshirt to revitalize their everyday appearance. Unfortunately, girls do not find it attractive, at best they think it is amusing. Waistcoats should be worn only with a classic suit.

Belts with voluminous plaques or ornaments

A cumbersome belt with a large plaque, ornaments or logos is a hopelessly outdated trend. It is better to give preference to the classic leather straps of black and brown colors, whose only function is to support the pants.

A baggy suit

A suit is one of the sexiest and most stylish things in a men’s wardrobe. Only if it fits the man perfectly well. Unfortunately, a baggy suit is unlikely to cause female admiration.

Pink clothing items

Women find it difficult to explain why they dislike pink men’s clothing. This trend seems “too metrosexual” for the girls to accept it. Very few men look handsome in pink clothes.

Too tight jeans

There is nothing wrong with tight jeans as such, but when they look like women’s leggings they become repulsive rather than attractive. If we want to see men in tights, we can go to a ballet performance!

Bijouterie and designer jewelry

Excess decoration does not look great, and men are no exception. One or two stylish and high-quality accessories are enough to make the image more vibrant.

What to wear to look cool and stylish?

In addition to having a good taste in choosing clothes and accessories, to look cool a man must firstly be neat and tidy, keep an eye on the cleanliness of clothes and their condition, never wear very wrinkled, old things, and avoid clothes of the wrong size (both very small and very large). That’s what every girl will appreciate.

The absolute NO-GO

The last thing. We have not included one more chilling crime against fashion and style in the list. But we want to emphasize it deliberately: a combination of socks and flip-flops is not even discussed. This should sound clear to everyone who hesitates or is forgetful: it is a NO-GO issue!