10 Exciting Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress


Every woman’s wardrobe is a unique mixture of various things. After all, it reflects the character and tastes of its owner. But there is one thing that is sure to be found in any wardrobe. It is called a small black dress. Does it seem boring to you? Then learn 10 ways how to competently use a black dress and make it a highlight of any image.

The need for a small black dress in the wardrobe of every woman was expressed by the always popular Coco Chanel. But the true glory came to the little black dress after the release of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. A strict sheath dress (and, of course, diamonds) decorated fragile Audrey Hepburn so well that millions of women wanted to try on an elegant image. Since then, this detail of the wardrobe deservedly bears the title of “a basic item”. There is nothing to wonder about: just see how small details can change the most simple dress and follow this example.

1. Add a T-shirt

A black dress over a white T-shirt as worn by celebrities and fashionable gurus has become a new classic. Such an image is good for an educational institution, for working weekdays, and for parties.

2. Focus on shoes

A black dress is the perfect canvas for bright accents. Are very expressive shoes / ankle boots / sandals dusting and waiting for the proper occasion because they are difficult to combine with anything? Wear them together with a little black dress. The “wow” effect will follow.

3. Queen of the office

A restrained dark dress of a simple cut will be an excellent choice for the office. Complement it with a loose jacket for an even more professional look. In the evening, the jacket can be taken off, and you will look wonderful in a cafe with friends or in a restaurant with your beloved one.

4. A little drama

Are you going to attend an important event? Do not be afraid to turn makeup into your main “accessory”. A black dress will look perfect with a bright lipstick or shadows of unusual, bold colors. A velvet dress is an excellent way to experiment with a Gothic outfit.

5. Add a bright brooch

Especially if you wear a dress “on one shoulder”. A small detail that will refresh even a dress that has been repeatedly seen by everyone.

6. Tighten it

A dress of the actual direct cut will display itself from a completely new side, if you simply tighten it with your belt.

7. Complete the image with tights

Not just transparent ones (certainly, without lurex), but with polka dot patterns, a fantasy drawing or even a fine check, which is quite popular among the trends of 2017.

8. Put a cardigan or jacket on top

Thus you will enjoy the warmth and a fresh look of the dress.

9. Try it with pants

Does it sound exotic? It surely does! But it is this fashionable technique that is increasingly used by all IT-girls. This combination looks very impressive. The main thing is to choose a good combination of styles.

10. Experiment with the cut

A black dress does not mean a boring dress. Choosing an original cut, you will definitely look impressive. Besides, you can borrow ideas from the list above.