Yo-yo Diets Make Women Spend Thousands of Dollars in Vain


The so-called yo-yo dieting turns out to be harmful not only for the body, but for the wallet, as well. Throughout life, women spend about 100,000 pounds ($168,000) on different diets and physical activities.


UK nutritionists found that many women try an average of 15 different weight loss programs that include a combination of diet and exercise, many of which are very expensive. However, in most cases, it all ends with weight regain in a relatively short term. Weight loss and its rapid return is called yo-yo diet, by analogy with the popular toy on a string, which unwinds and winds back fast.

The researchers found out that women spend a total of 100 thousand pounds on different weight loss programs over 30 years. They all eventually fail, and women regain weight even more quickly. 60% yo-yo diets fans try 10-20 diets for life, spending about 3,500 pounds a year, or 30 per week.

In particular, 1,500 pounds are spent on visiting gyms, buying sports clothing and footwear, as well as individual workouts with instructors. The remaining 2,000 are spent on buying licensed diet plans, special foods, and nutritional supplements.

The author of the research, nutritionist Natasha Hurst, says that yo-yo diet is harmful to health. However, observations show that they are equally harmful for your wallet. Even if some diets are initially successful, dieters do not know how to maintain the results achieved, because they do not get any information about this. Most diets only tell how to lose weight, but not about how to stay slim.