When People Gain Weight


Fat FoodSome people find it normal to be overweight and do not want to change anything in their way of life. No exercise, no sports, no diets – they are just happy to be who and how they are. They have no inferiority complexes and do not care about liposuction. One can envy such people, who do not spend hours at gyms and indulge themselves at the dinner table. In reality excess weight increases the risk of many illnesses. And overweight people are the last ones to envy.

Be ready to surprises. If you gain only 3.5 kg, then you expose yourself to many health risks:

  • the risk of arthritis increases by 15%,
  • the risk of high blood pressure increases by 72%,
  • the risk of male erection problems increases by 50%,
  • the risk of ovary and neck of uterus illnesses increases by 20%,
  • the risk of high blood cholesterol level increases by 49%,
  • the risk of death after the first heart attack increases by 20%,
  • the risk of throat, stomach, kidneys and bowels cancer increases by 65%,
  • the risk of occurrence of gallstones and kidney stones increases by 85%,
  • the risk of asthma increases by 20%.

If these numbers are not enough, scientists have also established, that overweight people suffer from injuries from every-day activities and pain in the small of their back five times more often, than thin ones do. There is some more statistics: 40% of female heart diseases are associated with excess weight. Arthritis, breast cancer, osteoporosis and excess weight often go together. Diabetes is directly connected with obesity. As you can see, excess weight not only makes people unattractive, but also shortens life, increases the risk of many chronic diseases and leads to fatal diseases. Please, regulate your weight, be active and do not let fat food and sedentary life-style damage your health and appearance.

I understand, that many of the things written here are well-known, some of them are new, but I hope, this statistics and mentioning these facts will stimulate you to have an active and healthy life.


  1. “They have no inferiority complexes and don’t care about liposuction.”

    That is what is called self-esteem. Just for the record, I am fit, work out six days a week alternating strength training and cardio, and eat balanced nutrition outside of the occasional treat. I have to tell you that your post reads like someone who has little or no self-esteem and is extremely insecure about her body trying to make others feel badly about themselves, too. C’mon, liposuction??? Way to be “healthy”.

    Also, because there exists such a prevalence of eating disorders among young women in our society, it would help if you defined “overweight”, because I know for a fact that it is not women carrying a few extra pounds who are at risk for all of the above consequences you list in a misleading manner. Plus, there are plenty of women who eat what they want when they are hungry, don’t work out and hate the idea of becoming a liposuctioned frankenstein that are still thin. What’s your damage??

  2. Virginia,

    thank you very much for concerning yourself with my self-esteem, but, please, don’t worry. I’m a bit self-critical, as a typical young woman can be, but “extremely insecure about her body” is really too much. Where in the article did you get the information, that I am “someone who has little or no self-esteem”? Maybe you have problems with your self-esteem? Why did the phrase in the article about liposuction make you so nervous? You don’t like your appearance? Maybe you need help? Read the article about how imagined body defects can spoil one’s life (Category “Diet and Weightloss”, article “How Imagined Body Defects Can Spoil Life”), I think, it would be interesting for you, and I hope, this will help. Please, don’t think about your body defects so much, this brings nothing but negative emotions. Life is so beautiful, just be happy with who you are!

    Everyone should be concerned about their weight and health: eat a balanced diet and go in for sports. Excess weight was never good for anyone. I am sorry, that you don’t understand the real purpose of this article.

  3. Hi,
    Your article is a very ignorant and one sided view of overweight people. Where exactly did you get those facts. Though some may be true, most have not been scientifically been proven. Read article that are not on the internet. Your response to Virginia was down right insulting. How dare you accuse someone else. How about you shut the @#$% up and start eating your veggies. Dont even tell me that im self conscious because I work out 6 days a week and am comfortable with my body.

  4. Dear …

    Once upon a time I used to be just like you. A sad selfinvolved individual working out 7 days a week twice a day and eating “healthy” all for the sake of numbers. I used to look at big people and think to myself why dont they just eat right or hit the gym. It’s so easy and simple. Then one day I ended up with something called hypothyroidism and no matter how much I exercised I just kept getting fatter and fatter and fatter. I gained a 102 pounds in less then a year. I’m 5’8 and now weigh 250 pounds. I am fat but I make fat hot! I’m attractive and I dress better then when I was skinny. Now I have the confidence because I’m a yogi and I also dance. Your view of things is as mine was a few years back. Simplistic. You may never end up stuck with an unfortunate disease that make your face nasty, your thights cottage cheese and your hair and nails brittle but you might find it that you are a person of substance and great worth after your good looks have expired and have to reach for personality and depth to make it in life.

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