Obese People Won't Lose Weight if Bullied


Obese people are less likely to succeed in weight loss if the people around them are bullying and criticizing them, according to a new research. In a paper published this month in the Obesity journal, the researchers described the relationship between discrimination against fat people and the effect on their motivation for weight loss, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.


The study involved 111 obese adult men and women. Almost half of the respondents reported that they experienced some form of bullying at least once a week.

Discrimination could also be expressed as a negative comment out loud, or refusal to accept for a job because of extra weight. In this case, the respondents stated that the sharpest comments were usually heard from members of their families, physicians, and even spouses.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Lenny Vartanian from the University of New South Wales says we work out mostly at public places, such as a gym; thus, encountering negative reactions of others, overweight people try not to come there and cease to exercise.