How to Lose Weight Easily


Reducing caloric intake at the expense of fatty foods and sweets is one of the best ways to make your waist slimmer. The only obstacle in the way is that it is incredibly difficult to start eating less fat and sweet.

Slim woman

It’s no secret that the foods saturated with fat and sugar can become an addiction: a man gets “hooked” on them, and as a result, inevitably gains weight. But judging by the publication in the Journal of Consumer Research American edition, you can still learn to control your diet.

The study, reported by the paper, found out how effective personal psychological attitude may be in dealing with over-eating junk, high-calorie foods. As it turned out, this attitude can be very effective, provided that it is properly formulated. In particular, the researchers from the University of Houston have found that the women who, on seeing harmful for their figure treats, say to themselves “I do not eat it,” resist the temptation in 80 % of cases. For comparison, the scientists used the experience of the women, who in the same situation hesitated and mumbled “I cannot eat this.” These ladies could resist the temptation just in 10% of cases.

Psychologists explain such an effect. According to the leading research expert Vanessa Patrick, the human brain accepts the command “I cannot” as a signal of deprivation, prohibition, which you really want to break, like a child. The words “I do not do that” mean determination and will, so they do help to overcome craving for fatty and sweet.