Yet Another List of Weight Loss Foods


The scientists from Cornell University have developed recommendations for people who want to optimize their nutrition and become leaner. Nutritionists have named the products that help reduce appetite and thus contribute to weight loss.


The grocery list, recommended by experts, is headed by pine nuts. The experts have explained their effect on the body: due to the content of fatty acids, pine nuts contribute to the production of the hormone responsible for regulating appetite and satiety.

In their opinion, the diet of people who want to lose weight should also include hot meals. According to doctors, this food helps to quickly cope with hunger; its scent acts on the satiety center in the brain that causes a person to no longer be tempted to eat more.

In addition, green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and vegetable leaves will help keep your appetite under control. This food is low in calories, but the organism spends a lot of energy to process it.

Olive oil is very useful for losing weight. Studies have shown that the craving for high-calorie foods decreases due to using it.