Diets End up in Weight Gain


According to a new British study, about a third of the women, who try to lose weight through diet, in contrast, gain about three kilos after changing the food habits.


Here are five reasons why diets can lead to weight gain:

  • A strict diet can slow down the metabolism and lead to a shortage of many essential substances;
  • Diets deprive people of freedom – if the food is a reward or a way to get rid of stress, restrictions will harm rather than help. In such cases, it is more effective to fight obesity by changing psychological attitudes;
  • When keeping to a diet, you have hated dishes or products. In this case, the probability of a nervous breakdown is high, and all weight loss efforts will be in vain;
  • Many diets contain artificial additives that may be harmful to health;
  • Diet prohibits irresistible foods: British opinion polls have revealed the products, which people find to be the most difficult to give up – it’s chocolate, chips, cheese, bread, and wine. Many people do not have the will power to exclude them from their diet, even temporarily.

Balanced nutrition can be a good alternative to dieting. It allows eating diverse foods, feeling no hunger and getting all the nutrients while the weight is under control.