Dieting After 50 Dangerous


The scientists from Wake Forest University (USA) warn women: losing weight after 50 years is extremely dangerous. According to the experts, regaining weight that often occurs after a diet may affect the health adversely, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Weight Loss

The studies have demonstrated that such factors as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels return to normal after weight loss, but with the subsequent weight gain they all come back to the previous level, becoming even worse sometimes. This was proved in the course of observing 112 overweight women, who had been losing weight for five months, eating healthy foods and being engaged in physical exercises. During this period, they lost an average of 11 kg. But during the next year, two-thirds of the women gained an average of 70% weight loss. The risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes increased along with the weight.

Therefore, women older than 50 years should rather lose weight under the supervision of a professional nutritionist.