Corn Flakes Are Fattening?


Italian dieticians dismissed a myth that corn meal food is one of the lowest in calories. They found that regular consumption of corn flakes actually fosters weight gain.

Corn Flakes

Research group from the University of Florence examined children aged between five and ten who were diagnosed with early stages of obesity. Excessive weight was observed in those who had corn flakes for breakfast for at least a year on a daily basis.

The head of the study, Luigi Barbaliani, explained that foods made with high quality corn meal are actually healthy.  Moreover, corn meal food is part of many weight loss diets.

But weight-conscious people have to consider that most of the corn flake products on the market are cooked in vegetable oil, glazed in sugar syrup or contain biological additives. Such food can be unhealthy because it impairs the secretory function of the stomach.

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