4 Breakfast Don’ts Making You Fat


Eating breakfast is one way of getting slimmer, it is a long proven fact. Supposedly you are already pursuing this line of eating carefully – yet the question whether you take a healthy breakfast remains. There are still mistakes you can make to boost calories and get a higher number on your scales, so take heed what dietitians say about your morning meal.


1. You can have too much orange juice

Choose oranges above orange juice as often as you can – they bring in fewer calories and less sugar compared to juice; besides, they carry more fiber and therefore make you feel full for a longer stretch.

2. You pile up your cereal

That’s nice to know that you’ve dumped frosted food for a wholesome cereal breakfast – now let’s take a look at our portion. See if you don’t fill up a big bowl with more than one portion, thus gorging in more calories than you’re supposed to.

3. Bagels are your main breakfast attraction

Bagels are not your best bet for a healthy breakfast: a lot of them provide you with calories contained in five pieces of bread – and even more when you count in the topping. So it’s a good idea to take them as treats for special days, and go for buttered whole-wheat toasts as a common run of things (the butter is a natural peanut one, of course).

4. You like sweet yoghurts with fruit on the bottom

Yoghurts also require careful choosing if you don’t want them to overburden you with calories. The best way is to buy plain low-fat yoghurt and sweeten it with the fruits you have at home.