New Liposuction Method Twice as Safe


American experts suggested an improved liposuction method, based on the one recently applied in oncology. We are talking about gold nanoparticles, which are implanted when removing cancer cells. They destroy the tumor from the inside under the influence of infrared radiation.


Currently the most popular kind of liposuction is vacuum type, done under local anesthesia and leaving no traces. Its only significant drawback is that the tip of the cannula introduced into the body can damage the connective tissue, but if you use gold nanoparticles, nothing like that will happen.

Nanomedicine expert from the University of California Adah Almutairi and her brother, plastic surgeon Khalid Almutairi argue that near-infrared radiation make these nanorods quickly melt the subcutaneous fat, which is then easily removed by vacuum apparatus. Thus, you do not longer need to use the unsafe cannula. This way, side effects after liposuction would be minimal.

Brother and sister Almutairi first conducted an experiment with pieces of butter and pork fat. They introduced about 40 nanometers there and then processed the products with a standard tool used in laser hair removal. In two minutes, the fat melted.

Scientists have patented their development and called it NanoLipo. Now animal experiments are being conducted, and tests on human volunteers are scheduled for this fall.