How Can I Treat Hair Loss?


When it comes to the beauty and appearance of a woman, there aren’t too many situations that will create the type of scare then the one when you realize you are losing hair. Although the identity of a woman isn’t based on her looks, it definitely can be a part of the characteristics which make her what she is.

Let’s face it, some women do tend to freak out when dissatisfied with their physical appearance. I choose not to think that I took matters to extremes, but this could be used to describe what happened to me when I began losing a couple of hairs. You know. Enough that they needed to be removed from my brush every time I would comb my hair.

Tragedy strikes

It was during my junior year of college. Coloring my hair had been part of my routine for several years. I grew up at the beach and the lighter your hair was the more beautiful you were. I had been warned a few times that I may be taking things to extremes, but I didn’t listen. My popularity and being recognized for my looks was more important than the actual health and strength of my hair.

After graduating from high school, my boyfriend and I made the decision to make the relationship work with the two of us going to different universities. I traveled south for my studies, but stayed within the state of Florida. Pursuing a football scholarship, he made the decision to go to school up north in Illinois.

Staying together was difficult, but it was important enough to both of us that we made it work. We would take turns traveling on extended holidays and breaks from school. Over the first two years, it eventually just became natural. When my hair started to fall out just weeks before his next visit to Miami, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Looking for an answer

I went to a few of the most popular salons in the area and just assumed the most expensive treatments would deliver the best results. However, a couple of these treatments made matters even worse. I started reading every magazine and online article I could find, desperately searching for an answer to my problem. Days went by, trying a different product every four of five days, and my hair continued to fall out. I couldn’t take it any more. I was willing to do whatever I had to. Because of the reputation for knowing all things pertaining to beauty, I had been too embarrassed to talk to my friends about what was going on. I remembered a friend of mine who went through the same ordeal while we were still in highschool. I can actually remember joking about the matter with other friends. Suddenly, it wasn’t so funny.

I reached out to her on Facebook, hoping she was unaware of my cruelty. She responded, and her reply was actually simple and very inexpensive. “Just start using keratin conditioner and shampoo.” At first, I thought she was returning the mean jokes I had said about her years prior. That answer seemed to be too easy. However, I was desperate and with my boyfriend’s visit just two weeks away, I was willing to try anything.

I couldn’t believe the results. Within days, I could feel my hair growing stronger when I would brush and I was losing less hair everyday. Thanks to my now, best friend’s tip, my boyfriend didn’t have a clue about the disaster he almost witnessed.