How to Protect Your Skin from UV?


Millions of people face the risk of getting sunburns or even skin cancer because of an incorrect application of a protective cream. British National Health Service (NHS) encouraged the citizens to use creams with an SPF of 15. However, this is not enough.

Sunburn protective cream

A cream with an SPF of 15 provides sufficient protection of the skin from the sun, only when applied in a layer of 2 cm thick, but in reality people usually use much less cream because in its ideal dosage it will flow down from the skin. In addition, about 35 milliliters are needed to apply the protectant on all of the body. And the NHS recommends to apply the cream every two hours. Therefore, the fans of sunbathing will have to buy 200 milliliters of cream every 2-3 days. It is more practical to use creams with a ratio higher than 15 (e.g. 30 or more).

Source of the image: Photl.