6 Hair Mistakes That Add Years to Your Look


When you talk about a nice hairstyle, we all want one that will make us look feminine, fresh, and frankly, younger. Who wants to look like a 50-year old woman in their 30s? Now, do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in being 50 years old. But those times will come. There is no reason to rush it. Why make mistakes like getting a too short cut, too long bob, or being unable to work magic with your gray hair? Today, we will look at this mistakes and solutions for them.

Your cut is too short

I mentioned that a short cut is just not something you want. When you have healthy hair and plenty of it, why chop in something conservative? There are many modern short cuts, and you can try one of them. For example, go for some look that is short, but slightly shaggy. This will give you a modern look. And the best part is maintenance is easier.

Too long tresses

The long bob is another mistake you can make. There is a certain length at which the bob looks great, and a length that goes beyond those limits. Excessive hair can drag your hair down, and pull your features along with it. Your face will be lost in the bob haircut. Now, if you want a bob, go for the choppy version. The length should be just below your collarbone. If you want to give it a twist, go for an asymmetrical shape or any other less-than-perfect shape. These shapes take away the attention from your wrinkles, making the hairstyle suitable for older women as well.

Lighten up every now and then

If you are sticking to that black shade of yours, you are aging yourself on purpose. Extremely dark hair makes hair thinning even more obvious and visible. Not to mention, dark hair against a light scalp casts shadows on your skin and wrinkles. Your wrinkles will be even more visible, and down goes your self-esteem. Do not be afraid to experiment with lighter shades every now and then. Add highlights on your hair, but not too much. If you have dark brown hair, go for some hues like chocolate, cream, and caramel.

Go darker every now and then

The same applies to people that have too light hair. If your hair is the same tone as your complexion, you will look washed. When you have a light complexion and light hair, you need to add some contrast. For example, add in some deeper shade of highlights, and your skin will look healthy.

How to work with gray hair?

One of the biggest problems for women is working with gray hair. Gray hair adds years, but it doesn’t have to be 10+ years. Right? One way to work your magic with gray hair is to keep your color vibrant. For example, you can prevent silver strands with products that contain shine enhancers. If your hair is 50% gray, use a shampoo that has violet or blue undertones to neutralize yellowing of your hair. And if yellow tones cling on your hair, color your hair with a light shade of blond.

What about extreme cut?

When you want to look younger, no matter the age, do not go for an extreme and bold cut or color. That is the hair equivalent of overdoing your makeup or wearing too-trendy clothes. Your style should evolve over the years. However, you do not want to become a slave to trends. Look at celebrity photos, and find some celebrities that age great with their hair. For example, Susan Sarandon. And if you want bangs, one of the extreme cut haircuts, test it first. Put your hand over your forehead, look in the mirror, and then take the hand away. Which look do you prefer? If you go for bangs, go for full bangs, not wispy.