Phillip Phillips Underwent 8 Surgeries during American Idol


Phillip Phillips has won not one competition, but two at the same time – during his participation at the American Idol he was struggling for his health with equal determination.

Phillip Phillips

After the glorious finale the winner’s father (who is also named Phillip Phillips) opened up to PEOPLE about his son’s striving to keep down his chronic kidney trouble all through the competition.

At the official party (sponsored by Ford) the singer’s parent said Phillips Jr. had had eight operations interlaced with his sparkling performances on the show! When he was singing onstage, he was operating 50% – “It’s just amazing what he’s done through the journey,” his dad summed up, adding that he was so proud of his son that he was near to tears.

The family is waiting for young Phillips to regain his health properly and show his full potential, for the show viewers “have just seen a glimpse of what Phillip can do.”

The 21-year-old winner had had stones in his kidney and his condition had been aggravating just as the American Idol came on. So he had to undergo several operations to have them removed, and is going to have a kidney-restoring surgery within the next month. It is believed that by the time the Idols Live tour gets on the way he will be fully recovered.

According to Phillips Senior, the brilliant winner is all right health-wise as of now, his kidneys are functioning properly; the complete recovery will take up to four weeks. The proud father’s greatest wish is to see his son having fun touring and showing America and the world the full range of his abilities.

Phillips himself (who received a standing ovation for his rendering of Home) commented that he had gone through a tough battle but he had been supported all the way, thanking doctors and people around him for their help to get through the show and the chance to feel blessed. He said that he hopes to be in a good shape for the tour after his clinching operation.